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"My Life Is My Message" - Gandhi

Love Is An | ART | Organization is founded on the belief that everyone is an artist in the creation of their lives, missions, messages and dreams. I, Ashley A. Alves, am an artist and designer who truly cherishes the ability to create with my hands. I try to apply that ability to every challenge I confront. I’ve gone through discouraging struggles and come to hard-learned lessons, but the journey has been a creative transformation. 

“You and only you have the ability to design your future; if you were to let anyone else create it, they would design it too small.” – Bishop Dale C. Bronner

Regardless of what it may take, never stop reinventing yourself.  Every phase is a new level. Every new level is a breakthrough. By doing so you can create breakthroughs for others. Each one teach one. Because creativity is contagious, because inspiration inspires inspiration, Love Is An | ART | Organization promotes connections like this. Global change begins locally. The goal is to make an impact on a personal level that goes beyond monetary relief and is sustainable into the future.

My message to all those whom have a vision or desire for something better is to find the creative spirit which lies dormant inside. Create your dreams, design every detail, paint them vividly in your mind, and realize them with a heart that believes in its ability to make a truly majestic masterpiece out of life.



Investing In The Future | Maintaining The Present | Supply Past The Circumstances 

"Love Is an art; make a masterpiece out of it" 

- Ashley Alves 


Love Is An | ART | Organization promotes educational advancement, quality of living, and control of destiny, locally and globally.


Love Is An | ART | Organization helps communities and non-profit agencies connect with effective resources and skilled volunteers   


Love Is An | ART | Organization has special interest in missions that help the development of Cabo Verde, Africa.

Our Mission Is Where The Heart Is  

“The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence. “- Rick Warren

My struggles have made me responsive to the struggles of others. I will never forget a third grade teacher who called me up to the chalkboard to solve a math problem. When I couldn’t, she called me stupid in front of the class. Taking her cue, my classmates went on to bully me relentlessly for the rest of the year. Later, that same teacher pushed to have me labeled with a learning disorder and I eventually fell 2 grade levels behind my peers.

But I will also never forget another teacher – Mrs. Winkfield. She used my aptitude for color to help me rapidly improve my reading, math, and science levels. Her encouragement and dedication to me continued for the next four years as she sought recertification for each grade I graduated to.

The lasting influence of Mrs. Winkfield carried me through later mistreatment and abuse as a young adult and homelessness as a graduate student. It gave me tools to leverage my imagination and faith to create a world around me in which I could thrive and become self-confident.

Love is an art. Often on our way to becoming masterpieces, we go through extreme experiences. But out of the ashes of these experiences we forge our unique skills and talents that, like Mrs. Winkfield, will have a powerful influence on someone and potentially change the rest of their life.

Isaiah 61:3- “ He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, and a joyous blessing instead of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness a planting of the Lord for the displays of his splendor. “

We Think Globally And Act Locally

Connecting individuals from different communities but with similar challenges changes the perspective on problems. Love Is An | ART | Organization coordinates the exchange of passionate volunteers in education, health, social welfare, business, manufacturing, and construction between Cabo Verde, the United States, and other countries abroad. Yearly mission trips between both sides of the Atlantic will aim to bring a global perspective to local challenges like malnutrition and other poverty-related health issues, clothing and equipment needs, communal building and renovation projects, career training, aspirational coaching, and recycling initiatives.

A Mission Must Be Focused 

While Love Is An | ART | Organization generally invests in missions that improve the lives of children and women in many different communities, the Cabo Verdean heritage of its founder brings a special focus on missions that particularly affect Cabo Verdean communities around the world.

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