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A Call To The Sister City | of Atlanta


In 2005, Mayor Shirley Franklin declared Atlanta to be the sister city to Praia, Cabo Verde, Africa. I, Ashley Alves, being of Cabo Verde descent and the founder of Love Is An Art, will be highlighting this declaration by connecting people in Africa with people in the USA in order to lay the foundation for an empowered networking community. Over the next few months, I will be visiting professional networking groups, corporate events, churches and other nonprofit organizations to announce the official launch of Love Is An Art Organization. I will educate, connect, and engage people to think creatively how their experience in education, government, and business can make a difference.

The purpose of Love Is An Art Networking Events:

• To educate attendees on the organization and its mission

• To Inform attendees on the variety of enrichment experiences specific to their experience and background

• To support other non-profit outreach programs and educational classroom projects

• To provide team-building activities for fraternal, sororal, and corporate organizations



Please stay tunned for upcoming events. New events are continuously added to the calendar below. Thank You!

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