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Join A Journey of Impact 

Smokey Mountain Mentor Weekend | #MASTERPIECE

Atlanta, Georgia - Smokey Mountains, TN, USA

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A one mentor weekend inspiring the youth of KIPP WAYS West Academy to control their destinies in the time that matters the most, NOW.  Activities will include Dream Building, Vision Pursuing, and Goal Tracking in a fun and tangible way in hope to ignite the fire of success in the future of tomorrow. 

Mission Complete!  


Thank you BJ’s Wholesale Club, Publix, and all the volunteers Idalina Couto, Hector King, Maria Moore, and Anamaria Hazard for you support to make this weekend possible.

Assomada Girls Orphanage

Assomada, Island of Santiago, Cabo Verde, Africa

This visit will be an all day investment project with the young ladies of Assomada.  This will be a multi-topic platform to promote positive developmental habits such as proper presentation of one's self, education, and the power of focus. 

Mission Needs 

  • Funds For Building Renovations to Improve Living Conditions In Dwelling Areas  

  • Menstrual Cycle Needs | Sanitary Solutions 

  • School Supplies & Art Supplies 

  • Hygiene Products   

  • Books 

Piocs Boys Orphanage

Picos, Island of Santiago, Cabo Verde, Africa

This will be a one day visit to deliver donation and supplies needed to inspire growth, educational advancement, and encourage a desire to thrive. 

Mission Needs 

  • Needs Industrial Appliances For The Preservation and Preparation of Food 

  • Facility Renovation to Improve Lively Hood 

  • Boys Clothing All Sizes 

  • Athletic Equipment 

  • Learning Material 

  • Books & Art Supplies 

  • Music Equipment 

  • Furniture & Equipment 

It Takes A Village

Islands of Cabo Verde, Africa

This will be an initiative to hand deliver gifts of daily essentials and financial assistance directly to deserving families on the islands of Santo Antão, Brava, and São Vicente.

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We would love for you to join one of our missions. Please enter  your contact information below, and one of our teammates will contact you. Groups are welcome. Your  involvement will contribute to their individual enrichment experiences, as well as help church outreach programs, support educational classroom projects, and provide team building activities for fraternal, sororal, and corporate organizations. There will be a project opportunity specific to all partnership arrangements.

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